I usually make one-off pieces, but do produce sets with matching design motifs to order. Commissions are accepted if they are within the range of work l enjoy making.

The decoration on the work is individual to each piece and is applied freehand by drawing with latex resist after the bisque firing. Some decoration is produced by carving the linear designs into the clay while at the leather-hard stage. Recent work has included the use of ribbed designs, which are created during the process of throwing. I use a selected range of glazes.
These range from a satin off-white, a sage green, a satin and a gloss black, a gloss blue and a satin green glaze, and a grey/pink glaze. New variations and colours are constantly under trial and get added to my range only when they will compliment the existing work. The motifs used on the work are usually linear patterns which are loosely based and re-interpreted from a variety of sources. They often reflect my interest in ancient and ethnic cultures. My work has in recent years become more minimal in style, and has a quiet and subtle finish.
The work on these pages represents a flavour of the work l produce, and may not be in stock. Similar items may be available, but the work is always slowly evolving, so if you are interested in a particular vessel, please contact me and l will let you know if it is in stock, or if l have alternatives you might consider. You may, of course, order an item, and if it is within the range of work l am currently involved in, l would make it as a commission. (normally it would take between 2-3 months).

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